Spotlight Case Study – Jess Green, Headteacher at The Green Flying High Academy

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  • Posted on: December 6, 2023
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At Flying High we pride ourselves on our ability to ensure that all staff have the opportunity to develop within their careers. From mentoring and coaching, to formal programmes such as our Flying Forward to Headship, we encourage staff to push themselves to progress and realise their ambitions.

Jess Green, Headteacher at the recently renamed The Green Flying High Academy (previously The Green Infant School), is just one of our success stories where she has achieved significant growth as she moved into her headship. Being a Headteacher is no easy job and Jess is proving that with continued determination and the confidence to try different things, your school can only get better. This can be seen in the large increase in pupil numbers in the school, where it has previously been difficult to reach families who didn’t already know about the school.

Read more about Jess’s journey in the case study and find out more about our Continuous Professional Development (CPL) opportunities .

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