Porchester Junior School’s Under 11s Girls Football team represent Nottingham Forest in East Midlands Regional Qualifiers

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  • Posted on: February 9, 2024
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Celebrations as Porchester Junior School’s Under 11s Girls Football team represent Nottingham Forest in East Midlands Regional Qualifiers

in Carlton is celebrating the news that their Under 11 Girls football team have beaten the competition to represent Nottingham Forest in the East Midlands Regional Qualifiers.

Playing against 9 other schools, the Porchester team won all but two of their games to go forward to the finals.
Teaching Assistant and proud Coach, Callum Davey said, “I am so proud of the team, – they are so coachable, they’re the best team a coach could ask for! They work well together and are always enthusiastic. When we realised we had won, we could barely contain our excitement!”

Callum says that Porchester Junior School staff and children are fully behind their team. “I would like to say that all of this is only possible because of incredible support we as a school, and the players, are receiving from their carers and families. It’s a team effort on and off the pitch to give these girls the support and opportunities they deserve. We are looking forward to playing in Derby on March 8th. I am hopeful we will perform the same, or even better than we did during the tournament.”

Footballer, Rose is in year 5 and said, “Its fun being in the football team, it’s like having an extra family at school. Even in bad weather. We don’t care about the weather; we care about the football! I want to be a professional footballer when I am older and joining the team is the best thing I have ever done. I was really excited when we won, we were shouting and laughing and jumping up and down. It was the best moment ever!”

Centre is Mr Callum Davey, TA and Coach at Porchester Junior School surrounded by the winning team. (Photo: Lou Brimble)

Fellow footballer Ceyda is in year 5 and she said, “I have been playing football outside of school and so really wanted to be on the school team. I think we are a good team, and we get on well with each other. We have a good coach too. I really hope we win in March, but we know it will take a lot of hard work.”

Annie is in year 5 and says her dad sparked her interest in the game from an early age. “My dad inspires me to play football, and he coaches me at home. I really love playing and being part of a team. Our Porchester team is great, and I feel a part of something really special. Mr Davey our team coach is all you could ask for, and we feel lucky to have him.”

Speaking of the recent win Annie said, “We were already feeling excited because we came first in the top group stages to get in the tournament final- then we won the final! I think we did well because we know how important teamwork is. I think we were all happy and amazed. I remember thinking ‘did we just do that?’ because it was our first tournament, and so we are new to this and not sure what to expect. I think we might have been doing silly dances and cheering a lot when we won.
“I hope that we can bring back another trophy and more medals from the finals in March, but if we can’t, we have already done amazing. But I really don’t see why we can’t bring home one more trophy!”

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